Destination Snowflake version 0.4.24: KeyError: 'password' - Normalization failure

Is this your first time deploying Airbyte : No
Deployment : Docker
Airbyte Version : 0.35.3-alpha
Source name/version : PostgreSQL / Redshift
Destination name/version : Snowflake
Step : Loading from temp tables
Description :
Hi all, I am experiencing this issue as I start to set up my connection to Snowflake via Airbyte. I was loading normally before using Redshift and PostgreSQL as my sources, but decided to make changes to the destination structure (rename database, etc.) and updated the connections in Airbyte accordingly. Now experiencing this issue with both sources, which seems to arise with the Snowflake connection after the staging tables load and while they are trying to load to production tables. Basic normalization is selected.

Testing the destination connection has no issues and Snowflake support saw no error show on their end. I had updated the source connectors late last week and wonder whether that has had an impact. Any advice would be a huge help - thank you!

logs-68-0.txt (527.8 KB)

@kev1021 can you upgrade Airbyte version to 0.35.60+?
There is a chance in Snowflake connector that impacts normalization.

Hi @marcosmarxm sure thing, thanks for the quick response. I will try this tomorrow and follow up

Kevin afetr upgrade the issue is solved?