Developing and managing custom connectors in Airbyte


Developing and maintaining custom connectors in Airbyte using an SDK or alternative methods


Hi all,

We’ve been using Airbyte for data ingestion and it’s been working great! However, we’ve had to extend and manage several custom connectors for internal specific use cases. In order to develop and maintain these connectors, we’ve forked the community repo and have been making code PRs to our fork’s own separate main branch and then trying to rebase and keep it updated with changes from the community. That being said, here are my questions:

  1. Rather than forking the entire repo, is there (or are there plans for) an Airbyte SDK so that you can import the latest core airbyte functionality to your own repo to develop connectors and then deploy the docker images?
  2. Can anyone share tips on how they develop, manage, and deploy their own connectors while minimizing the noise and changes from the rest of the repo?
    Thanks in advance for any tips

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