Does Airbyte support OAuth for connector configuration?

Airbyte Cloud is built with OAuth in mind and supports OAuth for various connectors.

Is it possible to create an OAuth connector?

While it is theoretically possible to create all of the backend functionality to support one, the UI would need adjustments to support this. Naturally, this means that the connectors developed for Airbyte Cloud cannot be ported to the OSS version.

Please comment if this use case is feasible

We build our OAuth flow(UI and logic) and once it’s successful internally call self-hosted AirByte APIs to set up connections.

Does AirBytes OSS design allows this?

Not at the moment. OAuth flows are only available in Airbyte Cloud

@hgarg sorry for the wrong answer, but if you have a process to generate the values used by the OAuth credentials it’s possible to use them in Open Source.