Enhancing Netsuite Connector to Pull Entire Object/Table


The user is looking for a Netsuite connector in Airbyte that can pull entire object/table instead of being based on SOAP REST API services.


Hi Team,

We are analysing Airbyte where we are stuck with Netsuite connector.
The Netsuite connector in Airbyte is based of SOAP rest api services and not pulling entire object/table

Are we in plan to develop/build a connector which supports pulling entire object/table and its available in other platform ?

Thank you

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Hello, Based on the information available in the extracts, it appears that there are indeed plans to improve the Netsuite connector in Airbyte. As mentioned in the Github Issue, the team is working on improving the connector to bring it to the Certified level. This suggests that enhancements are being made to the connector, which could potentially include the ability to pull entire objects/tables. However, there are also reported issues with the current Netsuite connector. For instance, there is a reported issue about a timeout problem when trying to fetch the schema without specifying any object types. This issue is being investigated by the Airbyte team. As for your specific requirement of pulling entire objects/tables, it’s not explicitly mentioned in the extracts whether this feature will be included in the upcoming improvements. I would recommend keeping an eye on the Airbyte’s latest announcements for updates on this matter. If you’re interested in contributing to the development of the connector, you might find Airbyte’s data protocol specification useful. Please note that this information is based on the provided extracts and may not fully answer your question. For the most accurate information, I would recommend reaching out to the Airbyte team directly.