Error connecting Airbyte to BigQuery on GCP


The user is facing an error when trying to connect Airbyte to BigQuery on GCP despite configuring the Service Account and providing necessary permissions. The error message indicates an access denied issue related to Amazon S3, which seems unrelated to the BigQuery setup.


This has been resolved :pray: - I just had to add the permission.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a setup where I have configured Airbyte on a VM on GCP, and I am trying to connect to BigQuery as destination. (My sources have been connected to Airbyte) but I keep getting an error for BigQuery, despite configuring the Service Account. I’ve provided all the required permissions to the Service account, geenrated the HMAC Keys yet… Stack Trace: Access denied. (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 403; Error Code: SignatureDoesNotMatch; Request ID: null; S3 Extended Request ID: null; Proxy: null), S3 Extended Request ID: null

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