Error connecting Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) through SSH tunnel in Airbyte Cloud Source


Airbyte is throwing a configuration check error when trying to connect to Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) through an SSH tunnel. The error indicates a missing password provider for encrypted resource. The hosting company is questioning the tunnel destination and authentication attempts.


I’m trying to configure a connection in Airbyte Cloud Source to Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) .
I’m using SSL Method as Unecrypted.
My SSH Tunnel Method is SSH Key Authentication.
I generated my SSH Private Key as recommended by Airbyte was using ssh-keygen -t rsa -m PEM -f myuser_rsa.

I shared the public SSH key with the company hosting our SQL Server database along with the list of Airbyte IP Addresses.

Airbyte is throwing the following error:

Could not connect with provided SSH configuration. Error: Missing password provider for encrypted resource=null```
The company hosting our SQL Server database is asking
```"I can see connections from these IPs, but no authentication attempts. And
 which machine are you trying to tunnel into using Airbyte? I have the 
impression that they are trying to create tunnels to elsewhere on the 
internet, which will not be allowed."```
PS: We have done the same 'exercice' with Fivetran some time before and it connected successfully to our on-prem SQL Server instance through SSH Tunnel.



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