Error connecting MsSQL as source endpoint


Error message ‘Could not find image: airbyte/source-mssql:4.0.32’ when trying to connect MsSQL as the source endpoint. User facing issue while pulling the Docker image.


I’m getting this error trying to connect MsSQL as the source endpoint:
Image does not exist. Unexpected error while checking connection:
io.airbyte.workers.exception.WorkerException: Could not find image: airbyte/source-mssql:4.0.32

I have given docker full permissions to pull the image and even tried to pull the docker image manually, but can’t get through the issue.
How can I go about it? Please assist

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local/remote machine? Linux/macOS?

It is an EC2 server running in AWS, Ubuntu server to be specific

how are starting your Airbyte? docker compose,, or abctl?

Yeah, using docker compose. After successful installation, I’m accessing it via port 8000.

this issue looks like Docker container can’t communicate properly with Docker socket /var/run/docker.sock on host EC2

you are running docker as root or other user?

I’m running it as root