Error creating Google Drive source in Airbyte


Configuration check failed with ‘No streams are available for source SourceGoogleDrive’. Issue may be related to connector permissions. Service account has access to Google Drive folder and valid service key JSON. How to resolve?


Hi everyone, posting this again as this is very high priority and is a blocker for me.

I am using open source airbyte and trying to create a google drive source. But i keep getting the following error:

'No streams are available for source SourceGoogleDrive. This is probably an issue with the connector. Please verify that your configuration provides permissions to list and read files from the source. Contact support if you are unable to resolve this issue.'```
I am using Google service account for authentication. I have already verified that the service account has access to the google drive folder and the service key JSON is valid as i am able to use it to create a google sheets source. How can i fix this issue? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!



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<@U069X52S1R6> what is the format of the file you want to connect? is it csv, excel, ect.?

Ultimately i want to connect all file formats. For now i am trying csv and pdf formats <@U04U2ACU9DH>

  1. Could you provide screeenshots of the steps you are taking when setting up the connector?
  2. csv -> check the encoding of the csv file. I recently got a similar error than you cause my file was utf16 instead of by default utf8


  1. Thank you for your response. I am following the steps mentioned in this guide (for airbyte open source): . I am able to follow all the steps but in the end it is failing.
  2. Hmm, that might be the case. I will check the encoding of the csv. Just to confirm it has to be utf8 encoded right?
  3. Also what about pdf files? Is there anything i can do to debug the issue with pdf files as well?

Okay. I never tried PDF myself