Error creating synchronization with Postgres


User is facing an error while creating a synchronization with Postgres and is seeking help to resolve it.


Guys, I’m getting this error, creating a synchronization with Postgres, would anyone know how to resolve this error?

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Hi Andre - this is commonly due to Airbyte being unable to reach the target Postgres DB. Typically the Database host will need to allowlist the IP addresses of your deployment.

Can you ping the db host from where you’ve deployed Airbyte?

I deployed it to gke using helm chart

hi, I hope it’s OK to piggy back on this thread… I’ve also been getting this error occasionally lately. Running a sync again always resolved the problem. Is there somewhere I could adjust the timeout limit (|jdbc_url_params?) or set a retry? (I also see <Scaling Airbyte After Installation | Airbyte Documentation Discovery Timeouts>, but I don’t know if that’s related?)