Error importing new tables from Snowflake to Postgres


Airbyte detects new tables in Snowflake but encounters http.504 error when trying to replicate them to Postgres


We have 16 connections with source “snowflake” and destination “postgres”.
The connections have been in production for months.
We added a new, empty table to each of the snowflake schemas.
The table is the same for every schema, with very simple column data types (2 timestamp, 12 varchar )
(again, the tables are empty, no data)

On every connection Airbyte detects the new tables, but when in Replication we try to add them we get this strange error, and the import fails: “Unknown error: http.504…….”

We have:
• Restarted airbyte
• Tried with data in the tables and empty
• Re-tested the source and destination access/auth
• we verified all other existing tables continue to sync ok
We are very confused — any hint appreciated.

We are just stuck and have no

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