Error in Airbyte-Temporal when triggering pipelines


Users are encountering errors ‘Not enough hosts to serve the request’ and ‘consistent query buffer is full’ in Airbyte-Temporal when trying to trigger pipelines via UI. The errors are related to service failures and history client encountering errors.


hi everyone,
i keep getting error in airbyte-temporal.

```{error: consistent query buffer is full, cannot accept new consistent queries, level: info, logging-call-at: metric_client.go:90, msg: history client encountered error, service-error-type: serviceerror.Unavailable, service: frontend, ts: 2024-07-09T02:17:08.798Z}```
im using helm, airbyte 0.50.29.
temporal version `tag: "1.20.1"`
no pipeline can be triggered via UI because of this.
does anyone knows what to do?



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