Error in Configure Connection page with Non-JSON response


Error occurs at Configure Connection page with Non-JSON response when setting up Postgres source and Snowflake destination connectors in Airbyte version 0.50.35 deployed on Private EC2 instance using Docker. Both EC2 and RDS are in the same VPC.


Hey Everyone, I need some help!!!
I’m using Airbyte version 0.50.35 and our pipeline needs to have a Postgres source and a Snowflake destination.
The deployment of Airbyte is in a Private EC2 instance using Docker and also the the Postgres Database is a Private RDS instance. Both the EC2 and RDS are in same VPC, hence connectivity is not an issue.
I am able to create the source connector for Postgres and the destination connector for Snowflake as well without any problem.
At the Configure Connection page, after selecting the streams, I am getting the error: Connection Tests Failed: Non-JSON response . I am not able to see the logs for this Non-JSON response error in the airbyte/worker container as well…
What might be the issue here??

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