Error message after deployment when clicking on Destinations or Sources


Users are encountering an error message after deployment when trying to access Destinations or Sources.


Hi All , After the deployment i am always getting this error message whenever i click on Destinations, Sources etc. Anyone has any thoughts ? <@U05UKT6V1TM> <@U01AB6V6NMQ>

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<@U01MMSDJGC9> do you have any thoughts on this ? This issue is recurring a lot times. We are in POC stage to use the airbyte but having all these issues.

Does anyone has any thoughts on this ?

Pravin I kindly ask to you not tag people in your questions. Someone from the community will help you eventually. If you have questions how to use Slack here is the <Code of Conduct | Airbyte Documentation of conduct>.

About the problem you’re having, without further info it’s not possible to help you.
What OS, where are you deploying Airbyte, which version are you using.

What Marcos said :slightly_smiling_face: Usually on startup you’ll see errors in the output logs when this is happening that help drill down to the issue. Let us know OS/deployment/version