Error running airbyte-ci connectors command


Error initializing network controller when running airbyte-ci connectors command in Docker via WSL2 + Ubuntu


Hey all! Trying to run airbyte-ci connectors --name=source-quickbooks build to test some connector updates and I’m getting the error:

failed to start daemon: Error initializing network controller: error obtaining controller instance: unable to add return rule in DOCKER-ISOLATION-STAGE-1 chain: (iptables failed: iptables --wait -A DOCKER-ISOLATION-STAGE-1 -j RETURN: iptables v1.8.10 (nf_tables): RULE_APPEND failed (No such file or directory): rule in chain DOCKER-ISOLATION-STAGE-1
Any thoughts? I’ve already tried the suggestions of sudo update-alternatives --set iptables /usr/sbin/iptables-legacy that I’ve seen in a few threads. Running Airbyte on Docker via WSL2 + Ubuntu.

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