Error syncing GitLab repo to Snowflake causing retries


The user is experiencing an error while syncing a GitLab repo to Snowflake, leading to multiple retries. The error message indicates job failure after too many retries for a specific connection.


Hi Team,
I am syncing gitlab repo to snowflake. I often get below error which causes lot of retries . Any pointer would be appreciated .

Running on : EKS
version : 0.50.34

Pool queue size: 0, Active threads: 0

2023-12-18 02:11:45 INFO i.a.w.p.AsyncOrchestratorPodProcess(computeExitValue):190 - The current non terminal state is RUNNING

2023-12-18 02:11:51 INFO i.a.w.t.s.a.AppendToAttemptLogActivityImpl(log):56 - Retry State: RetryManager(completeFailureBackoffPolicy=BackoffPolicy(minInterval=PT10S, maxInterval=PT30M, base=3), partialFailureBackoffPolicy=null, successiveCompleteFailureLimit=5, totalCompleteFailureLimit=10, successivePartialFailureLimit=1000, totalPartialFailureLimit=10, successiveCompleteFailures=5, totalCompleteFailures=5, successivePartialFailures=0, totalPartialFailures=0)

Backoff before next attempt: 13 minutes 30 seconds

2023-12-18 02:11:51 ERROR i.a.w.t.s.a.AppendToAttemptLogActivityImpl(log):54 - Failing job: 482491, reason: Job failed after too many retries for connection 9c76285b-f1e6-4811-bddb-1c61ecd2e581

2023-12-18 02:11:50 WARN i.a.w.p.AsyncOrchestratorPodProcess(computeExitValue):198 - State Store missing status, however orchestrator pod orchestrator-repl-job-482491-attempt-4 in terminal. Assume failure.```



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