Error upgrading Airbyte application with external Postgresql database


Error message ‘sql schema version compatibility check failed’ after upgrading Airbyte application with external Postgresql database. Issue related to missing relation ‘schema_version’.


Hi All,
I have recently tried to upgrade Airbyte application via helm chart to use external database - Postgresql. Initially, temporal db error message was displayed when i checked the pods failure log and so I manually created two databases, temporal and temporal_visibility. Now a new error is popping up “sql schema version compatibility check failed: unable to read DB schema version keyspace/database: temporal error: pq: relation “schema_version” does not exist”.
Please let me know what needs to be done to fix this issue.

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I believe airbyte assumes that the user provided has CREATDB permissions. that is to say;


Also the airbyte-bootloader performs the initial schema creation and migrations - make sure this k8s job ran successfully