Error upgrading connection when port forwarding in Airbyte deployed on GKE


Error encountered when trying to port forward in Airbyte deployed on GKE, receiving ‘error: error upgrading connection: Upgrade request required’. Using helm3 and GKE v1.27.9-gke.1092000.


Hi community, I wonder if someone can help. I have deployed airbyte in GKE. All the pods and services are running. When I try to port forward I get the error “error: error upgrading connection: Upgrade request required”. I have using helm3 and GKE v1.27.9-gke.1092000

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Are you using the default values?

Any advise on which values I should change?

The chart should work using default values with the versions of Helm/k8s you’re using.

Helm3 and|1067004