Error when establishing connection between Google Sheets and Postgres


Error message ‘failed to close stdin: task not found’ when trying to establish a connection between Google Sheets and Postgres


Hello friends! Anyone know why i am getting this error when trying to establish a connection between google sheets and postgres?

airbyte-container | time=“2024-06-03T21:18:58.276410300Z” level=warning msg=“failed to close stdin: task bd3fa231ac5ad93e97aa910d51fe39cb84d2b972b45f0a8289ee11261dcb0e65 not found: not found”?

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This error lacks details for troubleshooting. Sharing the worker logs might help identify the problem’s cause.

I am actually seeing this again but on a different computer… I first saw this on my mac and resolved it by using an Ubunutu Jammy instance.

I then created a brand new docker container starting from jre-11-slim image (debian os) which runs without issue on Mac OS but I am seeing this issue again when i try running the exact same docker container on Windows! Do we know whats causing the issue? i tried running with -r flag, but still didn’t work !