Error when syncing data to a postgres destination with views created


When syncing new data to a postgres destination with views created, an error occurs stating that the table cannot be dropped because other objects depend on it. The user is using Incremental Sync mode and is unsure why the table needs to be dropped to load new data, questioning if views can be created for a destination table.


Hey Guys,
I am syncing to a postgres destination and I created a few views on the destination table.

When I now try to sync new Data I get the following error:
org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: cannot drop table sponsored_products_report_stream because other objects depend on it Detail
I am using the following Sync mode:
Incremental: Append + Deduped.
I don’t quite understand why the table has to be dropped in order to load new data. Does this mean you simply can’t create views for a destination table?

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this must be happening not during the sync but as part of normalisation

you can run your own normalisation to avoid it