Error with Airbyte Stripe Connector after upgrading to latest version


Error message ‘Could not find image: airbyte/source-stripe:4.4.2’ is encountered after upgrading Airbyte to the latest version.


I am getting this issues on airbyte stripe connector

P.S: We just upgraded the airbyte to latest version

message='Could not find image: airbyte/source-stripe:4.4.2', type='io.airbyte.workers.exception.WorkerException', nonRetryable=false

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The same has happened with Postgres

io.temporal.failure.ActivityFailure: Activity with activityType='RunWithJobOutput' failed: 'Activity task failed'. scheduledEventId=12, startedEventId=13, activityId=9457e22f-ca5d-346e-93e8-c705639dd084, identity='1@e505757c64b9', retryState=RETRY_STATE_MAXIMUM_ATTEMPTS_REACHED

I’ve the same issue
Any solution found?

I reset whole airbyte

That’s a really old version of the stripe source image

how to upgrade that?

you can change the version in the source settings in the airbyte console

The latest version is 5.3.9