Error with service account in orchestrator-repl pod after updating AWS keys


The user encountered an error with the service account in the orchestrator-repl pod after updating AWS keys. The error was related to the service account not being found, but was resolved by setting the service account name to ‘airbyte-admin’.


After I have overwritten the AWS Keys on the orchestrator-repl pod, now I was having a different error.
Message: Forbidden!Configured service account doesn't have access. Service account may have been revoked. pods \"destination-s3-write-6-1-xwqdz\" is forbidden: error looking up service account airbyte/airbyte-admin: serviceaccount \"airbyte-admin\" not found
So it seems the service account must be named airbyte-admin. Despite I have set a custom name through global.serviceAccountName and

After I updated the to airbyte-admin everything worked like a charm!

Now orchestrator-repl is using the right service account/role instead of static AWS keys!

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