Extracting all data from Google Analytics (UA)


Inquiring about extracting all data from Google Analytics (UA)


Hi, did anybody managed to exctract all the data from google analytics (UA)?

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The old google analytics, right? I haven’t checked the usage metrics, but I think it should work as expected. What’s going on? Does it error out for you? What streams seem to be a problem?

I can upload the error tomorrow :+1:

Quota Error: The number of recent reporting API requests failing by server error is too high. You are temporarily blocked from the reporting API for at least an hour. Please send fewer server errors in the future to avoid being blocked. See developer documentation for details at https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/reporting/core/v4/limits-quotas#reporting_apis_request_errors

But I don’t see any limits being hit in GCP