Extracting full record from Okendo review connector


The user is trying to build a connector to extract reviews from Okendo. They are facing an issue where Airbyte seems to only extract the ‘body’ field from each review. They are looking for help on how to access the whole record using a record selector without the ‘body’ field or to build the record selector from the response level.


Hey everyone,
Im trying to build a connector to take review from Okendo.
This was giving an error in report builder but does seem to work somewhat once i released it where it is managing to extract the body text of each review

The problem I seem to be having is that each review has a body key for the text of each review however i suspect airbyte uses this as a key word and is only extracting that field rather than all fields in the review

  "status": 200,
  "body": {
    "reviews": [
        "subscriberId": "f44fe56a-5af5-402f-8d17-2ab3fe436a07",
        "reviewId": "305d5b42-3066-4c61-8c93-dc6799baa6ed",
        "productId": "shopify-7533586710723",
        "attributesWithRating": [
            "minLabel": "Poor",
            "title": "Quality",
            "type": "range",
            "value": 5,
            "maxLabel": "Excellent"
            "minLabel": "Runs Small",
            "midLabel": "Just Right",
            "title": "How It Fits",
            "type": "centered-range",
            "value": 0,
            "maxLabel": "Runs Large"
        "body": "I was looking for an extra long insulated coat as I'm tall; 6ft1. Ideally I was looking for waterproof also but it's virtually impossible to find. This coat is such a great option. It's shower proof and sooooo cosy. I actually can't believe how warm it is. It's a nice fit too as I tried another coat that was a bit bulky and oversized. It's a great length; just around mid- lower calf length. Would definitely recommend. ",
        "containsProfanity": false,
        "dateCreated": "2024-04-10T14:44:24.661Z",
        "helpfulCount": 0,
        "isRecommended": true,
        "order": {
          "orderId": "5542043746499",
          "orderNumber": "1156777"
Any help on how to access the whole record using record selector without the body field or to build the record selector from response level?



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