Failed sync jobs after upgrading Airbyte OSS


After upgrading Airbyte OSS from 0.50.31 to 0.50.35, encountering failed sync jobs with error ‘Failed to start sync: A sync is already running for: connection_id’. It seems there are stuck job IDs that need to be cleaned up.


I recently upgrade Airbyte OSS from 0.50.31 to 0.50.35 which failed with messed up Airbyte data tables and failed jobs.
So, I deleted all airbyte data tables (Postgres) used by the connections - I did not delete the Airbyte Database, and deployed a new Airbyte 0.50.47 (helm).
The old workspaces and connections were not deleted, so when I try to start a sync the jobs are failing with the error message Failed to start sync: A sync is already running for: connection_id
It seems there are some stuck jobs IDs stored somewhere by airbyte that needs to be cleaned up. Any idea how I can solve this issue?
P.S: Not sure if this is the right channel to ask for help, but I tried <#C01AHCD885S|ask-ai> and Google without success. Hope someone can help here!
Thanks in advance

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