Failed syncs on Shopify connection


The user is experiencing failed syncs on their Shopify connection. The sync appears to transfer all data successfully, but an error prevents the sync from completing. The exception in the log file indicates a problem with closing the process.


I’m getting failed syncs on my Shopify connection repeatedly. It seems that the sync goes ok, all the data is being transferred, but there’s some error that doesn’t allow the sync to complete succseffully:
Attaching truncated log file
It seems like the exception happens here:
2024-06-10 10:11:36 platform &gt; Gently closing process /usr/bin/docker run --rm --init -i -w /data/167/0 --log-driver none --name source-shopify-read-167-0-sreax -e CONCURRENT_SOURCE_STREAM_READ=false --network host -v airbyte_workspace:/data -v /tmp/airbyte_local:/local -e DEPLOYMENT_MODE=OSS -e WORKER_CONNECTOR_IMAGE=airbyte/source-shopify:1.1.5 -e AUTO_DETECT_SCHEMA=true -e LAUNCHDARKLY_KEY= -e SOCAT_KUBE_CPU_REQUEST=0.1 -e SOCAT_KUBE_CPU_LIMIT=2.0 -e FIELD_SELECTION_WORKSPACES= -e USE_STREAM_CAPABLE_STATE=true -e AIRBYTE_ROLE= -e WORKER_ENVIRONMENT=DOCKER -e APPLY_FIELD_SELECTION=false -e WORKER_JOB_ATTEMPT=0 -e OTEL_COLLECTOR_ENDPOINT=<http://host.docker.internal:4317> -e FEATURE_FLAG_CLIENT=config -e AIRBYTE_VERSION=0.50.43 -e WORKER_JOB_ID=167 airbyte/source-shopify:1.1.5 read --config source_config.json --catalog source_catalog.json --state input_state.json

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