Failed to apply plugin 'airbyte-python'

While trying to build my impala connector using command ./gradlew :airbyte-integrations:connectors:destination-impala:clean build i am receiving error similar to Airbyte-python plugin error

Build file '/Users/tsenapati/Desktop/airbyte/airbyte-integrations/connectors/destination-firestore/build.gradle' line: 2
Failed to apply plugin 'airbyte-python'.
> A problem occurred configuring project ':airbyte-integrations:connectors:destination-impala'.
  > A problem occurred evaluating project ':airbyte-integrations:connectors:destination-impala'.
    > Project with path ':airbyte-db:lib' could not be found in project ':airbyte-integrations:connectors:destination-impala'.

I am not trying to build firestore. If i remove firestore a different connector throws the same error.

NVM. I fixed it by fixing gradle build
implementation project(‘:airbyte-db:db-lib’) instead of
implementation project(‘:airbyte-db:lib’)

We can close this