Failure syncing data to BigQuery from multiple sources


Encountering failures while syncing data from multiple sources to BigQuery with a common error message. Need assistance in understanding and resolving the root cause of the issue.


Hello Team,
I need your assistance as I’m encountering failures while attempting to sync data from three different sources to BigQuery using Airbyte. They all fail with the same message: “message=‘io.temporal.serviceclient.CheckedExceptionWrapper: io.airbyte.workers.exception.WorkerException: Running the launcher replication-orchestrator failed’, type=‘java.lang.RuntimeException’, nonRetryable=false”. I’m struggling to understand the root cause of this issue. Could you please help me understand and resolve it as soon as possible?

Sourcesand Destination that we are using are

  1. ADP Secure SFTP to BigQuery
  2. Google Drive to BigQuery
  3. Google Sheet to BigQuery
    Thank you.

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