Feasibility of Initiating a Single Pod for Data Extraction and Writing in Airbyte


Airbyte generates multiple pods for a job involving source data extraction and writing into the destination. The user is inquiring about the feasibility of initiating a single pod for this process and seeking guidance on how to achieve it.


Hello! I am a newcomer to Airbyte and would like to extend my apologies in advance for potentially posing questions at a very basic level.

Currently, we are delving into the exploration of Airbyte as a tool. During our evaluation, we observed that for a singular job involving source data extraction and writing into the destination, Airbyte generates multiple pods, namely:

  1. source-declarative-manifest-check
  2. source-declarative-manifest-read
  3. orchestrator-repl-job
  4. manifest-discover
  5. destination-check
  6. destination-write
    I sincerely apologize if there are any additional pods that I may have overlooked.
    My query is as follows: Is it feasible to initiate a single kpod instead of the aforementioned pods? If so, could you kindly provide guidance on how to accomplish this?

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