GA4 support (without Universal Access Property) from Airbyte

Is GA4 available in airbyte? If not,
Is Airbyte releasing source setup for Google analytics 4 (without UA property) any time sooner?

Today isn’t possible, probably this issue in Github Source Google Analytics v4: allow run GA account without view id · Issue #6326 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub is the problem you’re having right? Today the issue doesn’t have a hard timeline to be done.

Hey @marcosmarxm thanks for your response. Yes, this is what we are referring to, and it would be great if this was somewhere under the Google analytics docs of airbyte that we could constantly look at or get updated. Looking forward to this update from Airbyte.

Thanks for the feedback @mukulgopinath could you submit a PR to update our docs adding this info there?