Handling 'activity Heartbeat timeout' error in Airbyte


Airbyte process interrupted by ‘activity Heartbeat timeout’ error, despite settings like heartbeat.failSync=false being ignored. How to make Airbyte work as expected when this error occurs?


Hello, everyone! I faced with this bug recently.
I started process of loading data, but after a while, the attempt 1 was interrupted by an error - message=‘activity Heartbeat timeout’, timeoutType=TIMEOUT_TYPE_HEARTBEAT
According airbyte user interface it seems like the first attempt was stopped and the attempt number 2 was started.
But actually the process 1 is still working, does tasks in background, continues writing logs. Finally I canceled the main process, but I see that attempt 1 is still working in destination database.
airbyte has settings like:
But these parameters are ignored by airbyte.
What can I do to make airbyte work as expected when this error occurs? Do you know how to cope with this problem?

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