Help needed on Netsuite connector


User needs assistance with Netsuite connector


Is there anyone who can help me on Netsuite connector?

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Yes, there are several ways you can get help with the NetSuite connector on Airbyte: 1. Airbyte Support: If you have questions about connector setup, error resolution, or want to report a bug, Airbyte Support is available to assist you. You can open a ticket within the Airbyte Cloud platform by selecting the “Support” icon in the lower left navigation bar. Alternatively, you can submit a ticket through the Airbyte Help Center by completing an Airbyte Cloud Support Request. The team is online and available to assist from 7AM - 7PM Eastern. source 2. Airbyte Community: You can also post your question or issue on the Airbyte Community Forum. There, you can interact with other Airbyte users and contributors who may have encountered similar issues or have insights to share. source 3. Github: If you believe there’s a bug or an issue with the NetSuite connector, you can open an issue on the Airbyte Github repository. The Airbyte team and community contributors regularly review and address these issues. source Remember to check the Airbyte documentation and the Help Center first, as your question or issue might have already been addressed there.

Sure! What’s going on?