How to exclude specific field (PII) from syncing in Airbyte Cloud?


User is looking for guidance on excluding a specific field (PII) from syncing in Airbyte Cloud. The user mentioned the documentation but unable to find the option in the UI.


Hi, I’m trying to not sync a specific field (PII) in one of my sources. The documentation|here says I should be able to un-select fields but I don’t see that in the UI. Does anyone know how to do that? I’m using Cloud. Thanks

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If you click on the row for that stream in the “Activate your streams” section, you should see a menu to select/deselect fields.

Sorry <@U052V9X8R88> , I missed this response. I don’t see that option. Here’s what I see:

Indeed it is not there! Is that Airbyte Cloud you are using?

Cool. I will look at a few things on our side and get back to you!

It looks like your workspace was being excluded from the workspace due to a Source that we’ve since upgraded. I went ahead and removed you from the excluded workspaces list. You should be able to access it now.