How to run BigQuery without Service Account Key JSON on GCE or GKE?

I do not want to operate with Service Account Key JSON.

Recently, authentication using Metadata server or Workload Identity is recommended.
Does Airbyte plan to implement these authentication methods in the future?


Could you share links to Google documentation saying these are the recommended way to authenticate?

Of course.
First, the best practices document for application certification is below.

Application Default Credentials (ADC) is recommended when using resources on GCP, otherwise Workload Identity is recommended if OpenID Connect is supported.

For GKE only, the following documents may be helpful.


Hello Nakachi, there isn’t a plan to migrate from service account to other auth system yet. I created the Github issue and added to connector team backlog for future implementation of this feature. I’ll return to you when this is done.

Hello marcosmarxm.
Thanks for your reply and for the issue.
I am eagerly awaiting it.

I don’t understand this issue, this is already implemented because on GCE or GKE, BigQuery connector will accept the default credential for the environment, just do not pass the json at all when creating the destination.

Is this not working?

Latest version of the connector it’s possible default credentials:
Service Account Key JSON - The contents of the JSON service account key. Check out the docs if you need help generating this key. Default credentials will be used if this field is left empty.

@marcosmarxm airbyte/spec.json at cb3312a6b5295269621f60720e1b4c8c5af7db05 · airbytehq/airbyte · GitHub looks like it is mandatory in the spec.

Look this is only available for bigquery as destination:

Can you test latest version of Bigquery connector?