HTTP 504 error when setting up custom connector as a source


User is facing HTTP 504 error when setting up a custom connector as a source in Airbyte v0.50.38 deployed on K8s via Helm. User has confirmed successful API access outside of Airbyte.


:wave: Hey y’all, I’m working on v0.50.38 OSS (deployed on K8s via Helm), and I have successfully tested and published a custom connector. However, when I go to set up that connector as a source, I get a HTTP 504. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve confirmed I can hit the API (HTTP 200) outside of Airbyte as well.

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I’ve validate that connection is successful through the low-code CDK for funsies too:

{"type": "LOG", "log": {"level": "INFO", "message": "Check succeeded"}}
{"type": "CONNECTION_STATUS", "connectionStatus": {"status": "SUCCEEDED"}}```

Looks like the manfiest check pod is returning with a 0 status