Impact of Snowflake changes on Airbyte connectors


The recent changes in Snowflake regarding the default ordering of sequences and AUTOINCREMENT columns may impact Airbyte connectors into Snowflake. Users can set a parameter at the session, user, or account level to control the ordering behavior.


Hi All, I recently saw Snowflake have introduced some changes:

This option will be the default option for newly created sequences and AUTOINCREMENT columns. If you use a script to generate sequences or AUTOINCREMENT columns, your script will generate NOORDERed objects after this change. 
We are introducing  a new NOORDER_SEQUENCE_AS_DEFAULT parameter at the session level. Setting it to false will create ORDERed sequences and AUTOINCREMENT columns in this session. The parameter can also be set at the user and account level.
ORDER: this is the current default behavior where the values generated by ORDERed sequences or ORDERed autoincrement columns have a strict global ordering. For example, a sequence START=1 INCREMENT=1 will emit values 1, 2, 3 in increasing order.```
Will this impact any Airbyte connectors into Snowflake?



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I’m sorry, but the information extracts provided do not contain any details about the recent changes introduced by Snowflake regarding NOORDER and ORDER for sequences and AUTOINCREMENT columns. For accurate and detailed information, I would recommend checking the official Snowflake documentation or their recent release notes. If you have any questions related to Airbyte’s integration with Snowflake, I’d be happy to help with those based on the information available in the extracts.

<@U04SE163WC8> will this affect any Airbyte connections with Snowflake?

Based on the information provided in the extracts, it’s not entirely clear what specific issue or change you’re referring to that might affect Airbyte connections with Snowflake. However, there are a few points that might be relevant: 1. In the tutorial on orchestrating ELT pipelines with Prefect, Airbyte, and dbt, it’s mentioned that you’ll need to set up three separate connections to load data for each repository into Snowflake. The sync frequency is set to manual, and only commits and issues are selected as the data to sync from GitHub to Snowflake. This is done to reduce the amount of data being synced. If these settings are not configured correctly, it could potentially affect your Airbyte connections with Snowflake. source 2. The Snowflake destination connector setup guide provides detailed instructions on setting up Snowflake entities (warehouse, database, schema, user, and role) in the Snowflake console and configuring the Snowflake destination connector using the Airbyte UI. If these steps are not followed correctly, it could affect your Airbyte connections with Snowflake. source 3. There’s a forum post where a support agent suggests updating the Airbyte version and connectors as a potential solution to issues with Airbyte connections. If your Airbyte version or connectors are outdated, it could affect your connections with Snowflake. source 4. A GitHub issue was reported where a failure to connect to Snowflake caused the destination-snowflake to go into an infinite loop. This issue was seen intermittently on a connection, and the error did not cause the sync to stop, instead, it went into an infinite loop until manually cancelled. If you’re experiencing a similar issue, it could affect your Airbyte connections with Snowflake. source Without more specific information about the issue or change you’re referring to, it’s difficult to provide a more precise answer. If you could provide more details, I might be able to give a more accurate response.

Briefly glancing on the list of changes — I think Airbyte connections should be fine.