Implementing Pagination in Airbyte UI


The user is looking for guidance on implementing pagination in Airbyte UI by defining the field name for Offset increment.


I need to perform a pagination,
pagination parameter starting_position is required to insert in request body json and it need to inside doc

"action": "get_user_list",
"group_id": "{{ config['group_id'] }}",
"doc": {
"starting_position": "100"
This is Offset increment how can I implement this in airbyte UI
problem is that inside Offset increment how I will define field name
Anyone can help

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Found the solution
use Offset increment and in field name give any random field name and Change the json :
"doc": {
"starting_position": "{{ next_page_token['next_page_token'] }}"
"action": "get_user_list",
"group_id": "{{ config['group_id'] }}"