Implementing Session Token Authentication in Custom Python HTTP-API-based Connector


The user is developing a custom Python HTTP-API-based connector and wants to implement Session Token Authentication similar to what is available in the Connector Builder. They are looking for guidance on how to achieve this and if there are plans to add this functionality to the Connector Builder.


Hi, I’m developing a custom Python HTTP-API-based connector. I started using the Connector Builder in the UI, but I need to be able to inject dates from a stream slice inside of a query parameter rather than as its own parameter. In the Connector Builder I was using the Session Token Authentication method.

My question is: how can I implement that same Authentication method in a custom Python HTTP-API-based connector? The only options out of the box (ie. in requests_native_auth) don’t seem to have this functionality. Am I missing something or do I just need to implement a custom Authenticator? If so, are there any plans to add the existing Authentication functionality in the Connector Builder for HTTP-API-based connectors in Python?

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