Improving historical sync performance for Klaviyo events to BigQuery in Airbyte


The user is experiencing slow performance when syncing Klaviyo events to BigQuery using Airbyte. They suspect that the sequential fetching from Klaviyo is causing the slowness and are looking for a way to chunk the historical time range and run the sync in parallel for multiple chunks.


Hello experts :wave:
I’m using (self hosted) Airbyte to sync Klaviyo events to BigQuery
I’m running a historical sync (a few months, each day is around 1-4 GB) and it takes forever :disappointed:
I’m on GCP with a n1-standard-8 which should be more than enough.
We do not hit any Klaviyo rate limit, currently it fetches around 5000 records (25 requests) every 10-15 seconds, which give the assumption that there’s no parallel fetching from Klaviyo, it is completely sequential, hence the slowness.

Is this true? If yes, is there a way to chunk the historical time range and run sync in parallel for a few chunks?

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