In case we are an SFTP server As

Once we select the service we are interested in, then we have to fill in the server, port, username and password fields. In case we are an SFTP server, as it is, we can download a certificate with the private key in the " SSH Private Key " section. Finally, we also have a section with more options, to set a specific “path” or encryption method. Once all the data is filled in, we will simply click connect.

The China Email List other large icons we have in the main menu are used for.

Actions : It allows us different options when you connect to the server such as create, rename, duplicate folders, upload, download and sync folders and finally create compressed files.

Information : It will show us information about a file or folder we have on our server or computer.
Update : We update the information of the folder we are connected to.
Change : Allows us to change the names of files or folders.
Upload : Allows us to upload files to the server.
Transfers : Shows us the progress of transfers on the current server or computer.
Disconnect : This option allows us to disconnect from the server we are connected to.

In the top menu we have the following important options:

File : In this menu we have different options to create folders, upload, upload files, delete etc. The option that stands out the most is that if we have Cryptomator installed, we can create an encrypted vault from this menu.
Change : It allows us to copy, paste or edit, in addition to accessing the preferences menu where the option that stands out the most is that we can modify or limit bandwidth consumption among many other options.

Visualization : In this menu we can modify different ways of viewing or organizing menus and files.
Favorites : We can add our favorite servers and access them quickly.
As we can see, Cyberduck is a program that allows us to access multiple servers from a single program. Its incredible number of options means that we can configure any aspect, in addition to being able to limit any technical point of view. This tool is a great alternative to the popular and well-known WinSCP for accessing SFTP servers