Incomplete Salesforce schema when creating sync task


When creating a sync task to load data from Salesforce to Snowflake, some Salesforce objects are missing and others have incomplete fields in the schema. User is using self-hosted Airbyte on Docker Desktop version 0.50.39. Example table missing is Insurance Policy from Financial Services Cloud.


Hey, I’ve encountered an issue when creating a sync (pipeline / task / ETL / whatever you wanna call it) loading data from Salesforce (relevant) to Snowflake (irrelevant).
The issue is: when selecting which data to move, I can’t see all of the Salesforce objects (tables) and those that I can see have fields (columns) missing.
So it seems like Airbyte is fetching an incomplete schema somehow?
( there’s a github issue sounding similar to what I’m facing, but it was allegedly fixed almost a year ago?)
Does anyone know why that may be? Or if I can do anything about it?

Some details:
I’m using self-hosted Airbyte on Docker Desktop, version (I think) 0.50.39
An example table that’s missing from the schema is Insurance Policy (InsurancePolicy), from Financial Services Cloud (aka vlocity or Salesforce Industries)

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