Incremental | Append mode is not working correctly for notion> S3 bucket (File format->jsonl) connection

Connection: notion> S3 bucket (File format->jsonl)
Stream selected for replication: Databases
Primary key: id
Cursor Field: last_edited_time

{stream: {name: "databases",…},…}
{syncMode: "incremental", cursorField: ["last_edited_time"], destinationSyncMode: "append",…}

Ran sync twice without making any changes in the databases stream data. The data should not be replicated again in 2nd but still one record (last record) is being replicated again.

Destination data:
First sync:

first sync.txt (3.1 KB)
Second sync:
2nd sync.txt (1.4 KB)

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Hey @aqsa,

Thanks for your post. After looking at the two text files you shared, it looks like you’re performing a Full Refresh | Append instead of an Incremental | Append. Can you double check your connection and make sure you’re utilizing the right sync mode?

Hi @sajarin
Please have a look at the response I shared above it shows that sync mode was incremental append.
Moreover, according to my understanding, if it was full refresh append then both data fields would have been replicated in next sync. However, we can in second file only one data filed was replicated.

Hey @aqsa,

Thanks for the response. I only mentioned double checking because I saw a screenshot earlier of a Full Refresh sync (I think you edited your post since then though)

I am a bit confused on what the issue is here. I agree that this is not a full refresh | append sync because you would have had 3 pieces of data in the second sync. What is the difference between the first piece of data and the second piece of data?

Hey @sajarin
Basically, I Ran sync twice without making any changes in the stream data. Since, no updation / insertion is done, the data should not be replicated again in 2nd sync but still one record (last record) is being replicated again.
I have attached the screenshot that shows two files are generated in second sync. The second file should be generated only if any change is made in data after first sync.
In my case, after second sync ,only one file (file generated during first sync ) was expected . If you open both files you will see that the second file contains duplicate data.

Hey @aqsa,

Apologies for the long delay. Are you still experiencing issues with the incremental append mode with the notion source connector?

Hey, @sajarin
Yes, I have just executed same steps. Still experiencing aforementioned issue.

Hey @aqsa,

Can you provide any more info? What version connectors are you using and have you upgraded since before? Are there any new logs to share or new errors? This might be a unresolved bug with the source.