Incremental stream implementation

Hello everyone, I have implemented a connector using Xola API. I made one DateTime column as cursor_field and implemented get_updated_state function, It seems to be not working. can anyone please tell what add more:

class Orders(XolaStream):
    primary_key = "order_id"
    cursor_field = None
    cursor_field_value = None
    seller_id = None

    def __init__(self, seller_id: str, x_api_key: str, cursor_field: str, cursor_field_value: str, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(x_api_key, **kwargs)
        self.seller_id = seller_id
        if cursor_field:
            self.cursor_field = cursor_field
            self.cursor_field_value = cursor_field_value

    def path(
            self, stream_state: Mapping[str, Any] = None, stream_slice: Mapping[str, Any] = None,
            next_page_token: Mapping[str, Any] = None
    ) -> str:
        should return "orders". Required.
        return "orders"

    def request_params(
            self, stream_state: Mapping[str, Any], stream_slice: Mapping[str, any] = None,
            next_page_token: Mapping[str, Any] = None
    ) -> MutableMapping[str, Any]:
        seller id is returned as a form of parameters
        params = {}
        if next_page_token:
            for key in next_page_token.keys():
                params[key] = next_page_token[key]
        params['seller'] = self.seller_id
        return params

    def parse_response(self, response: requests.Response, **kwargs) -> Iterable[Mapping]:
        TODO: Override this method to define how a response is parsed.
        :return an iterable containing each record in the response
        raw_response = response.json()["data"]
        modified_response = []
        for data in raw_response:
                # Tags._id
                resp = {"tags": []}
                resp["order_id"] = data["id"]

                if "createdAt" in data.keys(): resp["createdAt"] = data["createdAt"]
                if "customerName" in data.keys(): resp["customerName"] = data["customerName"]
                if "createdBy" in data.keys(): resp["createdBy"] = data["createdBy"]
                if "updatedAt" in data.keys(): resp["updatedAt"] = data["updatedAt"]
        return modified_response

    def get_updated_state(self, current_stream_state: MutableMapping[str, Any], latest_record: Mapping[str, Any]) -> \
            Mapping[str, Any]:
        Override to determine the latest state after reading the latest record. This typically compared the cursor_field from the latest record and
        the current state and picks the 'most' recent cursor. This is how a stream's state is determined. Required for incremental.
        if current_stream_state is not None and self.cursor_field in current_stream_state:
            current_parsed_date = current_stream_state[self.cursor_field]
            latest_record_date = latest_record[self.cursor_field]
            return {self.cursor_field: max(current_parsed_date, latest_record_date)}
            return {self.cursor_field: self.cursor_field_value}```

here in config file I pass `updatedAt` as `cursor_field` and a DateTime value string as `cursor_field_value`. I am expecting to get records whose DateTime greater than that of cursor_field_value to be returned

Hello @avijit,
I suggest first to get your cursor_field to be an hardcoded class attribute instead of a dynamic instance attribute that you set in __init__. The cursor_field should never change.
I would also suggest to rename your self.cursor_field_value to something like start_cursor_field_value that is defined is never mutated after instantiation and on which your get_updated_state method falls back is no cursor is available in the state (this is what you already did but this is a naming suggestion from my side).

We recently simplified a bit the implementation of an incremental stream and we deprecated the get_updated_state. Please use IncrementalMixin now: Incremental Streams | Airbyte Documentation.

It would help if you could share the current error you have and which is the cursor field used in your Orders stream. Feel free to link a PR to this new connector, it will be easier for us to review. Do you plan to contribute this connector to Airbyte?