Integrating Airbyte with Tracing and Observability Tools like DataDog


How to pass trace id for tracing in Airbyte when using Postgres CDC source connector


Hey :wave: , not sure if this is the right channel.
I’m currently looking into Airbyte and thinking about integrating, I was wondering about how it can integrated with tracing and observability tools like DataDog.
Mainly when using Postgres CDC source connector - my use case is

  1. user interacts with an API
  2. API inserts an object to some table
  3. Airbyte tracks CDC and sends that object to a queue broker destination
  4. Other service consumes that queue
    I have tracing enabled on my API and my “queue workers”, I’m having trouble understanding how I can pass the trace id so I can see this whole process in the same trace, tried searching the docs without any luck :confused:
    Anyone know how to make it work ?

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