Internal Server Error: Get Spec job failed

Hey team,
I’m working on a new custom connector 'Google Reseller Admin API`, and I get this error stating internal server error: Get Spec job failed.

airbyte version: 0.40.4

can anyone help me out with this?


Could you try running the spec and check commands on the connector to confirm that the connector is valid and it is able to connect to the source? Here’s how to run them in Python: Building a Python Source | Airbyte Documentation

It should look something like this:

# from airbyte-integrations/connectors/source-<source-name>
python spec
python check --config secrets/config.json

Please let us know your results and we can continue to investigate.

Hello @sh4sh,
I have attached the screen shot for the same.
I have developed three python custom connectors so far, never saw something like this.

Thanks for the quick reply and screenshot.

Can you share the results of the Network tab in your browser dev tools, when you try to add the connector?

Also, could you please check if running spec on the image itself will give us more information:

docker run --rm -i airbyte/source-google-reseller:dev spec

Not sure if this is applicable, but sometimes if you build a docker image on a different architecture (e.g. Mac M1) it will have issues running in Airbyte. In that case you can try building the image on your current machine or in the cloud to try and work around that issue.


I ran the command you mentioned, and I got this error, I have created one .py file which is responsible for authenticating the scopes of the admin.

I have installed all the dependencies necessary.

Network tab screenshot

Solved the issue by adding


to the

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Glad to hear the issue is resolved! Please reach out if we can help with anything else.

I am having the same issue, I checked the log from the server, and there is no descriptive message for the error. I think we can be more specific when displaying the error and give a descriptive message as a response.

If you have imported any libraries in your connector, mention those libraries and their version in file, which can be found on the root directory of your connector.

Thank you @Yash.
I think testing the connector locally before pushing it helped for my issue.

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In my case docker pull for the custom connector image on EC2 where Airbyte is running helped.

Another reason I just found is maybe Airbyte-worker doesn’t create a pod to pull image. So Airbyte-server can’t use spec → error: get spec job failed

May I ask how do you address this issue?