Issue accessing workspaces created through API


Users are unable to access workspaces created through the API on the Airbyte platform, encountering a cryptic error message ‘Oops! Something went wrong… Unknown error occurred’. The issue persists even when using a local database.


hi, we’re using the OSS version of Airbyte on a GCP compute engine instance (for a PoC primarily). We’re also using a cloud SQL postgres instance as DB. The remainder is left at defaults. We made a clean install today on the latest version 0.50.50.

The UI seems to work normally on our default workspace, however other workspaces we create through the API cannot be accessed when changing the URL. When attempting to access another workspace URL to see the UI, there’s a cryptic Oops! Something went wrong… Unknown error occurred. There seems to be no informative responses or logs which indicate a problem. The workspace does seem to be created successfully as also through the API we can add sources, destinations, etc.

Is this a known issue? We also face the same problem when using a local db (leaving everything at defaults).

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What are the logs saying? and what’s the API response when in browser?

I’ve used this docker run -it --rm --volume airbyte_workspace:/data busybox to see the server and scheduler logs, but do not see any errors there. Is there somewhere I can find the right logs?

when running locally can you do
docker logs -f <container_name> ?

and then try switching the workspace in the UI. I forgot which exact one is the one you need, but I assume it’s the web server

I looked at the airbyte-server and the airbyte-webapp , the webserver shows the calls being made but no errors. Just 200 responses also in the browser that’s the case.

There’s one 401 though (also for the default workspace):

airbyte-proxy | XXXXXXX - - [20/Feb/2024:18:49:58 +0000] "GET /manifest.json HTTP/1.1" 401 701 "<http://localhost:8000/workspaces/4674080b-9e96-43f1-9928-d1b89806a37b/connections>"

can you show me the CURL or any equivalent code that you used to create the workspace? Just omit the sensitive details :slightly_smiling_face:

~and is is the workspace ending in 6a37b the default one?~ Nevermind, just saw that it’s the default id

api_url = f'http://{airbyte_host}:8006/v1/workspaces'
workspace_payload_json = {"name": "some_string"}
response = post(

4674080b-9e96-43f1-9928-d1b89806a37b is the workspaceId for the workspace I created through the API.

The above in python is the simplified version of my code.

Got it and if you were to run

api_url = f'http://{airbyte_host}:8006/v1/workspaces/4674080b-9e96-43f1-9928-d1b89806a37b'
workspace_payload_json = {"name": "some_string"}
response = get(
what does it return?

My only logical trail is 401 for now, let me see if I can find in my history if I have any curls when I was doing this a while back

I get back a 200 response with
{'workspaceId': '4674080b-9e96-43f1-9928-d1b89806a37b', 'name': 'some_string', 'dataResidency': 'auto'}

could you try to run this api? for both workspaces

but it doesn’t make any sense that you shouldn’t have access to the workspace created via the API…

<@U06KR7ND4MQ> Unfortunately not supported on the OSS version, as of yet

This just mentions the creation, I did find several mentions that changing the URL should work.

If you opened a new incognito window and tried the manual url with username and pw auth - does that work?

nope that also doesn’t work unfortunately.