Issue connecting to Airbyte on AWS Ubuntu EC2 instance


User is facing issues connecting to Airbyte installed on an AWS Ubuntu EC2 instance. They have followed the deployment steps and are stuck at accessing Airbyte via localhost. They suspect the issue might be related to the ‘dataline-key-airbyte.pem’ file.


Hi all,
I am having an issue with connecting to Aitbyte installed successfully on an AWS Ubuntu EC2 instance.
I was wondering whether you could help.

  1. I have followed the steps in on Ubuntu => all the services are created and are started as expected.
  2. I am on the last step:
ssh -i $SSH_KEY -L 8000:localhost:8000 -N -f unbuntu@ec2-$```
I visit `<http://localhost:8000>` in my web browser.

4. When I launch `<http://localhost:8000>`  nothing is happening. The web browser is empty.

Would you know what is going on? Could the issue comes from the 'dataline-key-airbyte.pem' file. I am using a private key generated by AWS (as standard). Is that correct?



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