Issue syncing materialized view from Redshift to BigQuery in DBT Cloud


When trying to sync a materialized view from Redshift to BigQuery using DBT Cloud, Airbyte does not list the view as a source for sync, only tables are shown. Filters applied in Redshift are not being recognized by Airbyte.


Hello! I’m testing DBT Cloud to see if it can help us move our tables from Redshift to BigQuery, but I’m having an issue when trying to sync views. Since there’s no option to apply filters to the source data from Airbyte, I created a materialized view with those filters in Redshift, I granted select permissions on the view to the user we created for airbyte and tested the view with such user, but when I try to select the view as source for sync in the “Select streams” steps, Airbyte doesn’t list the view, just the tables.

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I found a workaround: the issue happens only if I set the schema in the optional fields. If I don´t select a schema, the materialized view appears in the streams list.