Issue with Airbyte API endpoints


User is facing issues with Airbyte API endpoints ‘/api/v1/health’ and ‘/v1/connections’. They are getting unexpected responses and are unsure if they are using the correct URLs.


[Airbyte API]

Hey, we just deployed airbyte using <Artifact Hub chart> and now we are running it using the latest airbyte version: 0.58.0.
This can be just a silly problem, but I’m trying to run the airbyte apis, the first one is the /api/v1/health , and I got {"available":true} as response (is this correct?).

But, now I’m trying to list all connections in my env, according to the|documentation, need to run this endpoint /v1/connections?includeDeleted=false&limit=20&offset=0" , but now, I’m geeting this Object not found. as response. Am I doing sth wrong?

Btw, this is my url http://my-host/api/v1. I’m not declaring any port (like 8006 for example, should I?).

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