Issue with Airbyte deployment on k8s cluster


Encountering ‘Activity task failed’ error after nuking Airbyte deployment on k8s cluster and starting fresh, despite deleting PVCs and storage. Logs show limited information without a stack trace.


I had deployed Airbyte to a k8s cluster and it was working fine for a bit. Ran into issues and decided to nuke the whole thing and start fresh. Even after doing that, including deleting the PVCs and storage, I’m still running into this issue:

Failure origin: destination```
Does anyone know how this issue is resolved? I've tried creating Airbyte deployments from scratch, deleting the worker, upgrading to latest version, and more. The logs just say `2024-03-10 06:52:02 platform > Cloud storage job log path: /workspace/93ed3404-dba5-42b9-8e5e-ecd16f994b18/0/logs.log` and that's it. No stack trace.

Anyone have an idea what could be going wrong?



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