Issue with Airbyte job orchestrator failing to connect to GCS


Job orchestrator in Airbyte on K8s fails to connect to GCS due to unauthenticated user error. Difficulty passing service account to orchestrator.


Hii, I am finishing to deploy Airbyte on K8s using helm and connecting to GCS for logs and such. Im getting this issue in which the job orchestrator fails when trying to connect to storage because it doesn’t have a service account(Got a 401 with unauthenticated user). In my values.yaml I am assigning a service account file via secret/volumeMount to server and worker but I don’t see a way yo pass it to orchestrator. Anyone having a similar issue? :')

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env vars are getting through, orchestrator is looking for the file but can not find it since it is not attached

Did you check the latest docs update

When the guide is followed the extraEnv is never passed to the deployments

it worked!!! passed them as env_vars instead and its working fine now, thank you!!

For others, this will add the credentials to workers and the orchestrator but not the server, so just do the same mount to servers and it will be fine

Aweesome! Nice to hear Diego!